TE-XS140100 Lifting X-ray Baggage Scanner

Scanning image

Technical Parameters

General Specification

Tunnel Size 1400mm(width) ×1000mm(height)
Conveyor Speed 0.6-0.9m/s
Conveyor Height Customized
Wire Resolution 40AWG(0.0787mm of wire)
Spatial Resolution horizontal Ф1.0mm   vertical Ф1.0mm
Steel Penetration 38mm
Monitor 17-inch color monitor with resolution:1280×1024
X-ray Generator
Anode Voltage 200w,160kv
Cooling/Run Cycle sealed oil cooling/ 100%
Image Processing System
Image Enhancement Features color/black & white image ,organic and inorganic elimination ,alterable absorption, super-enhancement, negative mode, high/low energy penetrability, pseudo color etc
Image Resolution organics: orangeinorganic: bluemixture and light metal: green
Radiation Safety
Radiation Leakage less than 1.5μGy /h ( 5cm away from shell)comply with all domestic and international health and radiation safety standards
Film Safety in accordance with ASA/ISO1600 film safe standard
Scanning system
AI camera/ Industry camera,  Top/side/Multi scanning
Indicator Functions
Three-colors indicators:Green: on: working ; blink: pauseYellow: on: trouble

Red: on: emergency on /pause

Blue: on: direct mode

Installation Data
External Dimension 1125mm(length) ×2226mm(width) ×1660mm(height)
Packing Size 1300mm(length) ×2500mm(width) ×1900mm(height)
Weight 900Kg
Operation Voltage AC220V(-15%~+10%)  50±3Hz
Power Consumption 1.5kVA
Operation Temperature 0℃±3℃~+40℃±2℃
Storage Temperature -40℃±3℃~+60℃±2℃
Relative Humidity 30%~95%(non-condensing)